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Bespoke Plaques

Exterior Brass

We can produce exterior grade brass plaques in any size and use any font. Most commonly we produce plaques for benches but any size is possible. As standard we supply the brass screws too.


Exterior Aluminuim

This brushed aluminium is perfect for exterior plaques as it requires very little maintenance. 


House Signs

We produce all our own house signs, our three main styles are slate, finished oak and rustic oak. The most popular by far is slate, we use only the best Welsh slate and produce them from a raw rough slate slab right through to the finished article.


Laminate (traffolyte/plastic)

Laminate plaques are produced by cutting through the top-coloured layer to expose the bottom layer, we have over 20 different colour variations to choose from and we can produce them any size to fit your requirements.


Indoor Brass

These indoor plaques are very popular, again we can produce them any size using any font. Most commonly they are fitted onto picture frames, presentations or awards.

inddor brass1.jpg

Mounting onto backing boards

If required, we can mount any of our plaques onto an oak backing board or supply a stake if needed.

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